As part of our series of online language courses, this week, we’re looking at French.

Spoken by anywhere from 100 million to 500 million people (estimates vary) worldwide, knowledge of French is invaluable to a traveler. In Europe, it is spoken in France (obviously), as well as Luxembourg, and parts of Belgium and Switzerland. It is also spoken in Canada, parts of Central and South America, huge swathes of Africa, and parts of the South Pacific.

  • BBC Languages – Learn French: some excellent audio-visual material, with a focus on conversational French. There’s little grammar instruction, although a later course provides some quiz material on it.
  • Jacques Leons’ French Language Course: a heavily grammar-based course, with a bit of audio. Makes a good complement for the above BBC course.
  • Wikibooks’ French Course: extensive lessons, with a good range of vocabulary presented. Also has a separate guide detailing grammar.
  • The French Tutorial: Another heavily grammar based course, this tutorial is very extensive, but suffers from having every individual section on a separate web page, making it rather cumbersome to use.

Next week: Spanish

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